logoGullfossDomain naming has become a specialized practice. Mastering the alchemy of creative branding, trademark understanding and linguistic sensitivity has given rise to the need to make things simpler, for a better result.

Online tools exist, but they are simplistic and suggest options based on synonymy… tools suggesting bad options, not solutions!

GullFoss is the first online linguistic lab that finds your dreamed and available domain names… at a speed, scale and accuracy never seen before!


A cognitive-function model

  • Linguistic analysis of the customer request
  • Automatic definition of the relevant search corpuses
  • Calculation of contextualized synonyms, context-based variants as well as conceptual equivalents

Gullfoss  provides functional results and meaningful solutions … like the human brain would do!




Gullfoss Benefits

  • Explores hundreds of variants for a given domain name
  • Works on meaningful, partly meaningful and non-meaningful names
  • Finds conceptual equivalents (disruption!)
  • Runs legal checks on every request and result
  • Integrates customer-tailored tools adaptable on any marketing/branding strategy

What makes Gullfoss Special?

  • Focus on the relevance of the search and the quality of context-based results rather than volume and nonsense!
  • Model adaptable to any customerfocused marketing strategy and search objectives
  • Outcome of 20+ years of R&D by Jean-Philippe Hermand, French mathematician and well-known linguist, and Guy Coslado, senior software engeener.