A linguistic lab that treats any naming or domains problematics

Enzao gives you the best results in a limited time and cost

Online tools exist, but they are simplistic and suggest options based on synonymy, pre-existing databases and basic word associations.
We went further and worked on functional databases for meaningful solutions.

Each tool generates thousands of names following name structures, working on meaningful/partly-meaningful/non-meaningful names, finding conceptual equivalents, exploring thousands of variants for given names, running in-depth legal checks on your final names if needed, our tools can be tailored to each customer requirement or marketing strategies, and they are also decision-making tools for naming projects or domain speculations.


Outcome of 20+ years of R&D by Jean-Philippe Hermand, mathematician and well-known linguist, and Guy Coslado, senior software engineer. Top team based in Paris, France with an international reach!
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Jean-Philippe Hermand

Mathematician and linguist.
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Guy Coslado

Senior software engineer
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Pauline Lampel

Communication, Sales & Marketing


Enzao is engaged in a wide range of information processing research projects focusing on text and word processing. As a leading company in the field of naming and branding, Enzao offers its technical know-how and accumulated knowledge to a large variety of customers and partners. R&D efforts include but are not limited to revolutionary search engine optimization techniques. You have specific R&D needs?

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